About Us     

We understand firearm training and firearms! 

We are NRA Certified to teach:

  • Home Firearm Safety
  • Pistol operation and use
  • Rifle operation and use
  • Shotgun operation and use, and
  • Refuse to be a Victim

We are focused on the safe handling of firearms, in the house, at the range and when carrying.

Our goal is to teach everyone, men, women, and children to safely handle a firearm.  To know that:

  • Firearms are not toys
  • Firearms must be considered to be loaded at all times
  • Firearms must be pointed away from people
  • You must always keep your finger off the trigger

In particular, we want to be be sure you, or we, teach your children, the instructions for safe handling.  The admonishments;

  • No
  • Don’t handle
  • Stay away
  • Don’t touch

do not work!  Yes, it works for some, but certainly not all.  

We are not advocating teaching a three-year old to handle a firearm.  We are advocating that every parent, especially those who are anti-firearm, understand how to safely handle a firearm; and if your child is mature enough, ensure they too are trained the safely handle a firearm.  If you listen to the evening news, you hear reports of children playing with real firearms they found at a friend’s house.  And often, the new has tragic outcomes.  

Gun owners must be responsible.

  • It is the gun owner’s responsibility to store, operate, and maintain all firearms in the home.  
  • It is the gun owner’s responsibility to ensure unauthorized and untrained individuals cannot gain access to any firearms
  • It is the gun owner’s responsibility to learn and follow all applicable laws that pertain to the purchase, possession, and use of guns in the local jurisdiction.
  • Guns are neither safe nor unsafe by themselves.  It is when people practice responsible gun ownership, that guns are safe!

Unfortunately, every gun owner is not responsible.  Therefore it is the responsibility of every parent to be a positive role model for their children.  Ensuring they talk openly about gun safety.  Parents must decide the suitability of the child to discuss safety, taking age, maturity and willingness to understand.

If a child knows about firearms, they will be less curious and will more like to remember the lessons taught when they see a firearm:
  • Stop – Don’t Touch
  • Leave the area
  • Tell an adult

We teach awareness, safe handling and caution.  

Check our calendar or contact us about programs for Adults and children to become safe!

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